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--Recommend customized service--
There are only novel and creative points that you can't think of, no products that can't be customized
--Customized service process--
Start with design, now with customization, and finally service
  • 1、Ask yourself what you need

    When I set foot in Guizhan, I feel that the product design concept is very novel and very suitable for my brand needs. I am sure to make a batch of customized products to give back to my customers.
  • 2、Online consultation

    Can you make what I need? Is it expensive? Worries, doubts, human nature, 24 hours customer service online, to answer your doubts and make you worry-free.
  • 3、Order in good faith

    It's the manufacturer I'm looking for, pay 30% sincerity first, and we will start planning and designing products for you. Samples can be purchased first, and can be offset after placing an order.
  • 4、Design a picture

    Design a sample manuscript according to your needs. If you have provided text and materials, please provide the source files. If you are not satisfied with the manuscript, please provide specific suggestions for revision.
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    Made in China
  • 5、Design finalization

    After many exchanges of opinions, a unified opinion was reached and the product design manuscript was determined. If you are worried about the quality of the finished product, you need to proof at your own expense.
  • 6、Mass production

    Communicate the design manuscript, product quality, price, etc., and both sides reached an agreement. Send the product design draft to the factory for mass production.
  • 7、Delivery after payment

    Produce, count, pack, receive the balance of the order, arrange delivery. If you need to pick it up, please contact the customer three days in advance to arrange.
  • 8、Rebate and win gift

    If you are satisfied with our customized service, you can enjoy a discount if you place an order again, or get an exquisite gift we prepared for you.

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